Exhibit Scanning

We can scan all documents into a PDF or OCR file and send it via e-mail. So now you can have digital images of exhibits along with the transcript. When an exhibit is referenced, click it and view it—it’s instant access.


After the transcript is completed, we can burn the data onto a CD, along with scanned exhibits.

Internet Depositions

Save in travel time and costs. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can be there for the testimony, even when you’re not in the room. We can transmit depositions—instantly—to anyone, anywhere.

Audio-Video Synch

Our video and audio synching capabilities capture a witness’ emotion, right down to their softest whisper – something you cannot get from a dry reading in front of the jury. Hearing is believing, so make their words come alive.

Condensed Transcripts

Lighten your briefcase by lightening your transcript. Using both sides, hundreds of pages of testimony can be reduced to a few dozen. Plus, with each Min-U-Script®  or E-Transcript™ is a complete index of all words, with page/line references so you can find facts faster. Saves you space, time and storage fees.

Realtime Reporting

We can send a live feed of the court or deposition proceedings directly to your laptop, instantly – anywhere. Using LiveNote or CaseViewNet, you will have the ability to annotate notes, highlight text, word or phrase search, and cut-and-paste selected excerpts. To really participate. To “see” every word. When you call brusilow + associates, rest assured you are getting among the best in the business.

Online Repository

One place, one space. We uplink transcripts to our server where all audio and wave files, as well as exhibits, are stored. Once there, use your password to exclusively access the site and print or download either a transcript or exhibit—24/7 from absolutely anywhere. If you’d like to see how it works, we’ll gladly e-mail you a demo.

E-Mail Services

Simplify the review process. Utilizing high-performance E-Transcript™, we’ll import the ASCII file for a fully indexed, customized, interactive E-Transcript. Then we’ll send you the finished file via e-mail in a secure, password- and virus-protected format, along with the handy E-Transcript Viewer. This ensures the utmost in page and line integrity, while saving you time in digesting and summarizing proceedings.

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